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Empower yourself to experience and understand the world through independent, responsible travel. Edward Hasbrouck can show you how.

Edward Hasbrouck is an internationally recognized expert on around-the-world travel, and has been advising travelers on the Internet for more than a decade. Edward's own travels have taken him around the world twice, to all 50 US states, and to more than 30 countries.

Edward Hasbrouck, author
"Hasbrouck insists that world travel is possible for everyone. So what are you waiting for?" — Travel+Leisure, Book of the Month

"Edward Hasbrouck is your travel guru."
—, Travel Editor's Recommended Book

The Practical Nomad 4th edition The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World

Empowering, informative, and more relevant than ever, The Practical Nomad is the ultimate guide to independent, international travel.

Travel expert, consumer advocate, and industry insider Edward Hasbrouck shares secrets and advice that will save you valuable time and money while helping make your trip safe and successful. The Practical Nomad provides a global perspective that’s useful whether you’re a first-time trekker or an experienced explorer . . . wherever your journey takes you.

The fully updated and expanded fifth edition of The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World includes:

  • Advice on choosing destinations, routes, and traveling companions
  • More on how to get the time and money for extended international travel
  • Guidance on travel documents, entry requirements, border crossings, luggage restrictions, and airport security procedures
  • Tips on purchasing airline tickets and how to find the best deals
  • Recommendations for gear, tools, and technology for travel
  • A comprehensive resource guide to print and online travel planning tools

5th edition • ISBN: 978-1-59880-888-9 • $21.99 • CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

The Practical Nomad Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace The Practical Nomad: Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace

The Practical Nomad Guide to the Online Travel Marketplace gives you the know-how you need to take advantage of today's most powerful—but most confusing—travel resource: the Internet.

Consumer advocate, Internet expert, and travel industry insider Edward Hasbrouck explains:

  • How to navigate the virtual library of travel information on the Internet
  • How to tell the good deals from the Internet travel scams: a consumer's guide to buying tickets and making travel reservations online
  • Tips and tricks for using the Internet while you are traveling
  • Do's and don'ts for consumer protection, privacy, and security

1st edition • ISBN 1-56691-250-4 • $17.95 • CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

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